My Myelin


–noun Biology.

a soft, white, fatty material in the membrane of Schwann cells and certain neuroglial cells: the substance of the myelin sheath.

According to scientists, Myelin is what makes our brain better, the more Myelin surrounding your neural pathways the faster and more efficiently they fire, the more efficiently they fire the faster your brain works. So this is my Myelin workout to write and reconnect my brain, to reinvent myself, to see how far I can take this, what I can do is only up to me, my brain will thank me later. So now after a 2 year hiatus and several months doing nothing, its time to do some brain masturbation. Weeeee!!!


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  1. […] It looks like hockey, sounds like hockey but it isn’t hockey. I had to retrain my brain (See my second ever blog entry about Myelin). Think of it like a hockey game but a puzzle video game, what steps do I need to take to get the […]


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