The other day I was heading to work and out of nowhere there was an ambulance. I proceeded to pull over and stop by the side of the road like any normal person. People behind me were pulling around me getting further ahead before the ambulance flew by, others pulling into the turning lane so they wouldn’t miss there turn, probably to get a coffee or something meaningless, not even thinking about the seconds it would take the ambulance to wait and go around them. Someones life could be in the balance and they are jockeying for position in the Tim Hortons Drive thru, sad.
obi-won-kenobiThis is an ongoing problem that has gotten worse since I was a kid. When I was a kid you even look sideways at an adult or god forbid tell them to shut up you would incur the wrath of many adults not only your parents, at hockey games, school, you were branded with the scarlet letter. Now kids will tell you to go fuck yourself, with the parents shaking there heads and sheepishly saying “What are we going to do with him”. No respect, you know the world could use a lot more Obi-Won Kenobis and a lot less Darth Vaders. If we can’t treat each other with respect how can we treat anything else with respect. Everyone is looking out for themselves, worried that if they don’t get the biggest piece of cake they’ll punch you in the face for it. Well, enough is enough. You have your cake, I’ll take a little respect.

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