Road to Recovery

Well, after years of abusing my body physically, emotionally and just plain not doing anything I have decided to take the proper steps to set it right. Like the blog, which is conditioning my brain to write the P90X is conditioning my body to go to Hawaii. I have 3 months to put myself through the gauntlet of pain and transform into a thinner and healthier me. I gotta tell you it ain’t easy. I worked out for the first time this morning and I was amazed at how out of shape I was. It’s that slippery slope of denial, you look in the mirror everyday and say oh the double chin is fine, oh don’t worry that love handle is not that big. It finally catches up with you when someone challenges you to man up. I started the workout fine and pushed myself as hard as I could and that wasn’t very far I was doing about 50% of what they were doing most of the time and about 75% of what the girl was doing (albeit the girl was ripped and thin). I progressed through the first 40 minutes of the CD and then walked upstairs to the bathroom and puked!! That’s gotta be at least a pound worth of water weight right there. Cleaned up and went downstairs and finished the workout. Only to find out there was part two, THE AB RIPPER X. They should use this as torture in Guantánamo Bay, egads!!

But when I was done I felt like a million bucks, I still feel great, but I’m in for the long haul, 90 days, ask me then how good I feel, or how great I look. I will post some pics when I do them I gotta warn you though these are the before pics. Hey even in the 70’s they knew “No pain, No gain” so I will continue to put myself through hell so when I come out on the other side I will be a changed man not only physically but mentally, I hope I stop crying after the first month.

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