Starting Point

So as promised the P90X before pictures. I am now a week into it and starting my second week, already my core is getting stronger and my asthma is getting better, maybe this is the placebo effect. I think I am healthier so my brain tricks my body into feeling better. Who cares I feel better, more energy and have lost 5 lbs, in one week! This may not be a huge number for you but if I keep this up over 12 weeks, thats…wait I’m not that good at math…60 lbs. That is my target weight right there. The only hard thing these days is the eating, I have my own business and my hours are regular, but busy, so I don’t always get time for lunch and for about 15 years I have never eaten breakfast, I just skip it, straight to lunch. This is going to be my achilles heal in this whole process, I also like a zombie find myself in front of the refrigerator at 3:00am looking for something to eat. That is one habit I will definitely have to break if I am to make this work. So as promised here are the before pictures, I know they’re not pretty but that is the whole point, I’m getting there, give me time.

doug before

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