iPhone Carnage

Well, been loving my iPhone. The best phone ever for a Mac loving graphic designer with a lust for gadgets. I have wanted an iphone ever since they came out, but I waited until the 3G phones came out in Canada and bought one at launch, never was there a more blissful and efficient relationship, sorry honey (me apologizing to my wife). Anyway I loved it, would coddle it and protect it, spend hours making sure my preferences were set just right, my ringtones were the coolest and my wallpaper was righteous. I even took a hit when I switched my carrier because in Canada there is only two carriers who support the 3G network and mine wasn’t one of them. Anyway I have had the phone since the launch and I have dropped it a couple of times but the events of the other day were scarring.

It all starts with me wearing shorts and sitting in my Calgary Flames themed movie room in my reclinable movie chairs. I got up to go upstairs and grab a drink, not knowing that my phone had slipped out of my pocket and in between my movie chairs. Well when I came back downstairs I sat down and proceeded to kick out the foot rest to watch House (gotta love that show) and for some reason my seat wasn’t reclining, so I started doing the slamming my back against the seat routine looking puzzled. Finally I reached down and grabbed the foot rest and pulled up, CRUNCH!!! As soon as I heard it I knew what had happened.

The poor phone was lodged between the metal innards of my chairs folding mechanism and with my jerking and pulling and the phones glassy and delicate nature, well, lets just say it wasn’t pretty, the kicker was my buddy with his blackberry was sitting right beside me and took a picture of it as he laughed to himself. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The upside was I upgraded to a 3GS and am happier than ever. I will bury my old iPhone on the Apple Campus in Cupertino if I ever get down there, I think that would be a fitting burial or I’ll just use it as a paper weight.

iphone carnage

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