Augmented Zombie Killin’

I recently went to a printer seminar on new and cool technology for magazines. One of these technologies was Augmented reality. This technology allows a magazine publisher to encode a bar code (quick response code) on your page that will interact with a webcam and a computer. A Quick response code is one of those complicated square bar code thingys on your airline tickets, parcels, etc. Esquire recently used this technology to create a 3D introduction to the issue by Robert Downey Jr. Print may be dying because of the iPad, which I bought for my wife for her birthday, she can’t put it down.

But this technology can and will I think add a little longevity to the already hemorrhaging print industry and with the new retina displays in the debuting iphone 4 digital resolution has now surpassed the 300 dpi we print in magazines, the only saving grace was that the anti-aliasing was difficult for type and you needed to do some work arounds for legibility. See this article for examples of things the ipad just can’t do yet and how design actually works on it.

Having worked in the magazine industry for nearly 10 years the advent of these new technologies is exciting and at the same time scares the crap out of me. No more press checks!!! Well maybe thats a good thing but I digress. The main point behind this whole blog post was a game that used these QR codes to play a zombie killing game that was interactive with a cityscape on a table top using an piece of Invidia technology, quite impressive, I have also included the Esquires Robert Downey Jr. interactive cover video just to whet your appetites.

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