Clutter is a good thing…sometimes

Was doing some writing the other month and came up with a great idea, so I grabbed my pen and a pad of paper and jotted something down, took that scrap and put it in my idea place…err, my laptop bag. Anyway after a while I got a big pocket full of these notes, and because they were building up I had to deal with them.

Recentley I have been using the Voice Memos App on my iphone, I don’t have anymore annoying scraps of paper, but on the flip side they are out of sight out of mind. Before I was forced to deal with them because they were physically there. With the voice memos they are in my phone along with everything else that I would lose unless I went through everything an app at a time.

In college I would have these tapes for my mini recorder and each one had a label, written in sharpie of course. You knew what was what just by looking at it. Now you get a date stamp and 3 weeks later who the hell knows what you were babbling about, I want an iphone app that you speak the title and then record the memo cause most of my ideas come when I’m on my commute and driving and texting equals fender bender. How about an app that overflows with notes when you hit a certain point and starts populating your phones interface with your memos. Maybe I should just hire a personal assistant and make them go through em all. Problem solved.

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