Big Bad Canada

I know we live in the Great White North, and we can be a little too nice sometimes, but maybe that’s what makes the Americans so leery of us. We are too quite, no one can be that nice they probably think. Just watch our favourite sport, hockey, big men with sticks in hand and knives on there feet. There is fighting which is a great thing to watch, seriously…why isn’t hockey more popular, you have everything, the hitting of football, the end to end action of basketball, the…well nothing from baseball and the high intensity fighting from MMA. I think it’s because it’s played on ice people automatically think…Oh its a winter sport. Screw that, if Hotlanta can have a nhl hockey team its not just a winter sport. Watch one game and tell me it’s not entertaining, fast, hard hitting fun.

And the border, the Americans are very uptight about who gets in and out and having the largest border with them is very interesting. It’s like having a paranoid neighbour, we’re not going to hurt you. Your like our richer, bullying, older brother, who has the really nice car we wanna borrow. We don’t wanna live there, just watch your TV and buy your stuff.

Scary Canadian Movie, even has Dane Cooks “Big Giant Indian” see right side of poster

Living right next to the States they don’t really know a lot about us. I remember I went on an exchange to Kalispell, Montana. We talked to one of the girls there, she asked us if we knew there national anthem we sang a few bars no problem. Then when it was her turn she sang “O Canada, O Canada” to the tune of “Oh Christmas tree”. I almost pee’d my pants, this from a girl who lived for 17 years of her life an hour from Canada. Needless to say, we know everything about them and they know next to nothing about the rest of the world. Maybe thats why they’re so paranoid. They fear what they don’t understand.

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