Call Display Fail!

I have a buddy who shall remain nameless that has the same name as one of my clients. Well needless to say I answered the phone thinking it was the former not the latter of the two and his nickname is not that flattering, I answered thusly “Hey Stinky Nuts!” (I didn’t come up with the nickname just in case you’re wondering) well, it was the latter not the former.

Good thing my client has a sense of humour and laughed it off. The iphone needs to have a way to determine if a contact is a company or a person when entering contacts on the phone, the only place you can seem to make this designation is in the Address Book. Time for some damaged control.

I spent the whole next day worrying about it, and wondering if I offended him, working myself up stressing about it. I thought of something that Michael J. Fox said about worrying about stuff, just take care of it, cause if you worry about it, you just end up living it twice. I realized don’t beat yourself up about things, especially honest mistakes.

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