Lennon and Me

I’ve always been a John Lennon fan and have just recently, in most part because of my brother, become a Beatles fan. I will be purchasing my Beatles LP on iTunes after my Birthday to catch up on all of the great song writing of the Fab four, well mostly John and Paul but I am looking forward to sitting down and just immersing myself in the music, the transitions, the history and everything else the band that changed music created.

Every year I usually remember John on the day he died, December 8, 1980. I was eight at the time, barley into any type of music. I had yet to find myself or John’s music until later in life but he did pop up on my radar. So now that I am older I use his death day December 8 and the week before my birthday, December 15, to remember him and to remember me, what I did that past year, reflect on how can I make an impact like he did and what I’m doing or not doing in most cases to achieve this goal. So John, if you’re listening up there, thanks for being with me and next year I am 40, the age you were when you died. Maybe I can do just as much in the next 40 years as you did with your first 40, you may say I’m a dreamer…well, you know the rest. Cheers.


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