The time of year is coming when we all make our new years resolution and promise to change for the better. To cocoon ourselves in our ideals and spring forth in the new year as a beautiful more socially acceptable butterfly. Yah right. Why don’t we have Thanksgiving resolutions, or Easter resolutions. Well I think it is because it is the start of the new year, spring is coming and it is the time or rebirth, of regeneration. There is two kinds of change though, good and bad. Why don’t we ever make resolutions like, I will not give to charity this year and buy myself an xbox or screw recycling. I think deep down, no matter how stubborn or callous we are we all want to be good people. I think we tend to forget that sometimes. So have a happy new year and remember, if you are going to change, make it good.

PS: Read Metamorphosis by Kafka, there is a change for the worse.

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