Resolutions and Resolution

So here I am, 2011. No better than I was last year, no wiser or skinnier, in fact I think I gained weight over the fat filled holidays. I had a great time doing it though. Turkey, chocolate, chips, dip, cream whip…wow, looking back I feel bad for all of the food babies I orphaned in the last couple of weeks, but I digress. My point is that the new year should hold new opportunities, reinvent yourself. I am going to take a final cut course and work out. I don’t need to plan it, just register and exercise. No will power or turning my life upside down, just make a plan and stick to it.

In my job as a graphic designer I do a lot of print. Resolution is a big thing, to low and the image is unclear, too high and it becomes unruly and slow to work with. Just like life, keep an eye on your goals, don’t make them clear enough and you just drift. Make them too complicated and you get overwhelmed. So don’t overcomplicate, but don’t be lazy either. Good luck.

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