White Elephant

I tend to remember stuff no one else does, great for playing Trivial Pursuit and cocktail parties but not much
else. One is the origins of the “White Elephant” definition. In Siam the Albino Elephant was sacred and was usually only owned by royalty. These animals couldn’t be put to work so they would live the life of riley eating and being pampered. Well if anyone ever pissed off the king he would just give them an Albino Elephant. As I said they couldn’t work so there was no income from the animal and unless you had the riches of royalty the gift would essentially ruin you by depleting your savings just to feed the behemoth. Anything like that in your life right now? An expensive car that the insurance is killer on? A money pit of a house, a job? Everyones got something, it may be a beautiful animal but look below the surface, is it worth it?

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