Try, try again.

I recentley read a post by a business associate of mine on Facebook about how failing is one of the best ways to succeed. I have heard this before and never put much stock into it. They say most millionaires have failed at least once and I always thought the reason for this was either stupidity or laziness. But after reading the article and letting some of the ideas sink in I decided to look at my own life and how I approach success, or lack thereof.

Well one aspect of my life that jumped right to the front was my leisure time, playing video games (you ever notice guys hobbies are killing, shooting, scoring, competing, but thats a topic for another blog). Anyway one of my favourite games is EA Sports NHL11, its about as close to real hockey as Charlie Sheen is to Winning!!! But it is a suitable virtual substitute (I love ya Charlie). There is one section of the game where there is a tournament called the National Cup, this tourney is set on the hardest of the hard settings (Superstar), I gotta tell you it is next to impossible, and I have played over 90 games trying to beat this tournament. The thing is for the first while I would be bumped off in the first round and I would get frustrated, throw my controller, swear at the T.V. and walk away pissed off. But about a half hour later I would be thinking about how to beat the game and would revisit my stragety and when my blood pressure lowered, would grab the controller and try again.

I have made it now all the way to the finals and am getting better all because I sucked. I play against the best and I get better. Now when I play the game I see it differently. Superstar setting is no longer intimidating and the ice opens up and the speed is now manageable. It’s about expanding your boundaries of what your capable of, and just like a stumbling baby we start out failing and find our footing. So when I finally beat this tournament I am going to burn the game in my backyard fire pit as a sacrifice to the hockey gods and I will know that because I failed…I won. Winning!!!! – thanks Charlie


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