Social Media Meltdown

A lot of us these days are connected through all kinds of Social media ie. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn…etc. and this is all well and good but it can get exhausting. You get to work in the morning and you check your Facebook you catch up with what your friends are doing and then proceed to let everyone know what you’re doing, tag your photos, after of course you comment, wish your third cousins dog sitter a happy birthday, you realize Oh shit! I’ve neglected my twitter. So second cup of coffee. You sit down again, read, retweet, tweet, hashtag and refresh. Whew, almost done but you realize that you better link to that guy you played golf with on the weekend in LinkedIn. So you trudge through and link and network your ass off until you need a third cup of coffee-espresso this time. Then you sit down and blog and your so exhausted from updating and posting (I swear internet life is more exhausting than real life) that it usually comes off rushed (yah that’s my excuse). I haven’t even checked my email yet people let alone do work that will make me money to live the fun and exciting cyber life I have become accustomed to. And I am not including updating my website or starting my Facebook business site which is a whole other, OMG, freaking time suck. We need a program where everything can be done all at once, like Social Medias answer to the Turkducken. Maybe call if Facetwilinkblog, or Blotwifacelink. Who cares just make it quick and send me the bill. Ugh, I need a cyber vacation from my online social life, I guess that’s what internet porn is for. And if workplace porn is too taboo here are a few links to unwind to.

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