Head Hits and Headaches

It’s that time of year again, the NHL Stanley cup playoffs. It is an incredible sport to watch and the speed at which they make these plays is intense. Players have been clocked at around 30mph and even up to 35mph. Well take that and double it, two players coming at each other at top speed, these are some of the speeds these cross ice hits are generating. When two objects are in motion one gets crunched. And because of this increased velocity these players are banging there brains around in there heads causing more concussions. Of course medical technology has made leaps and bounds in treating these players and conditioning there bodies to the point where they can compete at this level but I think you are never going to nip this in the bud. Hockey players like any warrior are too proud and would rather play with concussion symptoms than sit in the quiet room and have a doctor ask them questions. I think being a professional athlete is like being a daredevil, you can make millions of dollars but you have to take on some risks. I don’t think they are going to solve this anytime soon and my only advice is set up some rules ie. No heads shots and then be consistent when officiating it. Same amount of games every time no matter if your Cooke or Chara, no exceptions.

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