Sub-Sub Genres

One of my favorite things is the sub-sub genre conversation. As conversations go these are the rare gems, the getting just what you wanted for your birthday without asking type conversations. It usually starts out the same way, sitting at a pub or party, your going through the motions of conversation etiquette, nodding politely, throwing in your two cents, barely hanging on when someone will mention impressionist painters, boom, a genre your interested in, well maybe not you, but stick with me. You then mention your favorite is Van Gogh, we’re skimming the sub-genre level, and the person then mentions, “Yah but I only like his self portraits”. And like that we have splashed down into the sub-sub genre conversation. So specified, so niche filling that you usually alienate everyone else participating in the conversation which is fine by me, cause you’ve found some “uncommon” ground. Examples can be from any subject, about anything. You can even initiate a conversation by stating the sub-sub genre right off the bat. “I like ocean life, particularly the Atlantic Ocean, and specifically the abyss dwelling fish.” or “Let’s talk about the NFL, but only the Packers, and defense is all I’m interested in.” You can imagine you won’t get a lot of hits with this approach, unless you get lucky, that’s why finding your way there with another person is so much fun. So dangle your genres out there, you never know, you might get a bite!


  1. […] obscure and not. There playlists are immaculate, with bands categorized by genres, sub-genres and sub-sub genres. They’re the person that show up at your party, unplug your music, and plug in there own iPod […]


  2. […] I love pop culture, well maybe it’s more of a love/hate thing. I consume it, I feed into it, I reject it. But either way I live within it. My parents always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I never was a good listener. Bite Watch Chew Mini-Movies The Trouble with Hipsters Value and the Art of Storytelling 100 Hit Boss Rule Sub-Sub Genres […]


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