100 Hit Boss Rule

If you’ve played one role playing game you’ve played them all. RPGs have a certain formula and whether it is set in outer space, some medieval fantasy realm or the distant apocalyptic future, the rules always seem to be the same. You always find weapons you can’t use right away, which pisses me off cause by the time you can use it you’ve found a better one you can’t use (the carrot is still dangling there). And if that is not bad enough if you have multiple people in your party your carrying their stuff too. Lazy bastards, and who decided in these games that one man can carry 12 swords, 18 staffs, 25 potions, 3 sets of armor, and on and on. If I could do that in real life I’d never use a shopping cart again.

Also when it comes to progressing through the game you start out with a stick and you come to the first enemy and you kill it with a couple of blows, you kill about 50 of these enemies and you come to the boss (with a little story telling along the way). You then proceed to hit that boss with your stick and after a valiant battle you slay the beast with said stick after about a 100 hits. All fine and good, but then you just start the process all over again, but just with a bigger stick. You may have a sword that channels the devils hate but it works about as good as the stick does on the new bigger and badder enemies. Same mechanics, it just looks more impressive. So after realizing this 100 hit boss rule levelling up now feels like masturbation, it feels good and kills some time. The only difference is you can level up with friends, masturbating with friends is a little creepier…but to be honest have you seen some of these Warcraft players, creepy isn’t the half of it.

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