In a previous post I told you I was adopted, I had found my biological family and now enjoy a double sized family. I couldn’t have asked for anything better, everything worked out and I wouldn’t change a thing. My daughter has three grandmothers and 4 grandpas. How lucky is that! Christmas for her is like the lottery but for us her parents scheduling holidays can get a little hectic. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. The is luck and love in numbers and we’ve got both. And that is what brings me to my blog topic. Coincidence. I watched 23 with Jim Carey about how numbers line up and if you looked hard enough things will eventually line up and you will find the numbers you are looking for. More recently though I read Douglas Coupland’s Player One, in it he mentions that coincidence is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly and that when it happens that out of all the trillions of things going on in the world that you should take notice (he said it a little more eloquently though). You see I never noticed any of these coincidences before until they started to pile up.

You see growing up I always wanted a brother (just like any boy), but in my adopted family it was my mother, father, sister and myself. Best family anyone could ask for. So having a brother was a dream I had resigned to never achieving. So when I met my biological family and found out that the parents had stayed together and had a boy and girl after they had given me up I was extatic. I had a brother and a new sister. This is where the coincidences start to come into play, stay with me because it may get a little complicated. I have put together a chart as a visual aid just in case my words fail me here. Anyway I met my wife, the love of my life before I met my biological famliy. Her birthday is June 8th, which happens to be the same day as my brothers birthday June 8th. There sign is Gemini. Hold on it goes a little deeper. My dad (adopted family) had lost his brother when his brother was 27 (they always said we were very similar in personality, my uncle and I) I found my biological family when I was 27. As I said before in my adopted family it is just my sister and I. My uncle was born on my sisters (adopted) birthday and he passed away on my 1st birthday. Also when I was looking for my biological family they were getting ready to tell the kids they had a brother out there. 4 years after I found my biological family my biological mother passed away from cancer, it was tough, but it was like I filled the void she left behind, I became the missing table leg in my biological family. There is many things in our lives that we take for granted but luck and love are two things in my life that I never overlook and I have both in bunches. So if you see something you find coincidental, odd or just plain cosmic, put it on a lottery ticket, jot it down, send them to a friend, who knows your numbers might mean something.

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