Technological Acceleration

This blog is a little weird and the subject is a little weird but I believe technology is changing our brains, the way we think and the way we relate to the world. You remember when you were a kid and your buddy had a Playboy he found at his Uncles place or a stack of old mags someone had thrown out in a back alley by the trash (bet those were stashes found by the wife). As kids, when we looked at this stuff, it was rare, we didn’t have access to it all the time. Unless your buddy gave you the magazine he snagged from his uncles, which he never would. That stuff was like gold, you didn’t give it to anyone. So you had to remember it, keep it locked away in your brain, what we guys call “material”.

Anyway enough about my younger selves pornographic habits, my point is with porn or horror or anything shocking in our childhood we rarely were exposed to it, but in this day and age it is available everywhere on the net, anytime, anywhere. When you needed to know something back in the day, you would look in your encyclopedia or dictionary and if you couldn’t find it there you called a friend, if they didn’t know you were out of luck. Now we know everything in a blink, or a google to be technical. Kids these days will never be at a loss, they will have information, wants, needs, fetishes, taboos, movie reviews, restaurants, videos, anything they need. This new generational shift will want for nothing, be bored with even the most graphic and shocking things, and will be smarter than we ever were or will be. Their children will look at us with contempt and utter annoyance. They will text with their eyes, google will be an inner ear upgrade and youtube will always be on. So before you get ignored by your incredible smart grandchildren, remember we come from simpler times. Yah that’s our excuse.

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