Identity: Self

Why is it we all judge a book by its cover. We look at someone and think, wow he’s well put together or she’s looks great, she must be a good person, look how well she takes care of her hair. Well just like Don Draper in Mad Men, outside appearances aren’t always your best guess of someones character. Myself I believe the harder you try to make your self look good on the outside, the more your trying to hide on the inside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is good people out there that look great, dress great, keep there yard clean, drive nice cars, but they tend to be anomalies.

I love fashion, and like art it has some upsides and downsides. One is a deception that people need their clothes, that there is a perceived value in owning these items. People will pay $400 for a T-shirt! This is something that I just can’t justify. I will admit though trying on an Armani suit is like getting a handjob from a silk gloved goddess, but I wouldn’t take out a second mortgage to get one, the suit that is, not the handjob.

Identity is a very sticky issue and most people think it is what you look like, not what you have done. Actions speak louder than anything. Look at people like Gandhi, not a great dresser but respected around the world. Mother Teresa, fairly zen fashion sense but made a difference. Young celebrities will dress the part but be broken on the inside. Like plastic dolls being spirited from shoot to shoot losing touch with themselves with each new press junket or heroin hit. I think we are all a little broken, whether you are a celebrity, a rockstar, a plumber, or a student. I think looking good is great, but make sure the insides match the outsides. Take care of yourself before you worry about how other people see you, cause if you can’t love yourself it’s going to be tough for other people to love you, that is a fact.


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