Beer Goggles

This past weekend was a time of year I like to call, The Liver Apocalypse or Beerfest 2011 as it’s better known as. I have been going for the past 3 years and I have enjoyed every year. Beerfest is the coming together of independent brewers, importers and other people whose businesses relate to the drinking of beer. It is a great idea and the beer is good. My only problem is the cost, you have to pay to get in, then pay for your beer tickets, and each beer is 4 tickets, but not a full beer, A small taster sized beer. The venue has got to be upgraded though. Too many people and not enough bathrooms. But all negative issues aside the event is a great idea. The beer tasting is a lot of fun and you have (at the beginning of the event anyways around 3:00pm) a great appreciation for the taste and where its from, the subtle nuances in aftertaste and the design of the bottle. Then you start to go back for favourites, running into people you know and even people you don’t cause everyone is getting a little friendlier at this point. Then there is the end of the event around 10:00pm when everyone is feeling pretty good and the bathrooms are lined up like big conga lines of pee pee dancing people doing that head bobbing, what’s taking so long move. And by this point you are hugging strangers, high fiving cops and event staff, you are feeling pretty good. My only suggestion to make it better would be to have a next morning Beerfest Brunch that would be covered in the ticket price, you would have the greasiest, most hangover friendly food you could find and maybe even some hangover cure booths at the brunch barking at you like snake oil salesmen. Get your hangover salve here!!! It’s about up-selling people.

Anyway with everyone having an iphone, camera or both nothing gets missed, so logging on to facebook the next day is a bit humbling. Whatever happened to “What happens at Beerfest stays at Beerfest!” Thank god for the remove tag button. Cheers!

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