Dream Journal One

I am a boy, maybe 7 years old. I groggily look up a dusty and dirty staircase that leads from a walk-out basement, the sides are dirt, and I see in the distance, hills covered in grass, it is dark. It’s the middle of the night and as I walk up the stairs I see fireworks over the grassy hills, lighting them up with blues and greens and reds, you can see the individual blades of grass in detail as each explosion occurs, and fade back to a black silhouette. I sit halfway up the stairs so I can watch the fireworks. I then see a red coloured firework come right towards me like a meteorite. I can feel the heat as it slams into the side of the house to the right of where I am sitting. I run up the stairs and look back at the house which is now on fire, I then look back at the town where the house is situated, the whole town is on fire. The town is built on the side of a hill like an old coastal town. The only light is from the moon and the fire. Realizing I need to warn everyone I start to make my way up the hill towards the town. I start to climb the hills covered in thick wild grass using a stick to try and clear my way, I come upon a deep wide ravine with a small creek running through it. I need to get over the ravine and I start to panic running faster and faster. I move to my left trying to find a crossing point. I then see a three legged pit bull coming towards me. In my panicked state I think he is going to attack but as I get close and am ready to strike his eyes are looking at me like he knows me or maybe he is me. In a split second we have an understanding and I look to my right and the ravine narrows and ends. Instead of running around the end I jump the ravine to save time. I run up the hill and see a yellow house with a strange door. The door has a window along the top short but wide and a door knob where the knocker should be. I open the door and am truly terrified, but I push on. The entry way is dark and I make my way through the foyer, inside the house there are things, junk and trinkets everywhere, like someone was about to move out or move in I am hyperventilating at this point and struggling to make my way through this maze of boxes, pictures and things when everything starts to brighten and turn white like over exposed film. I wake up.

Side note: Not sure what this means but it was very vivid, I dreamt this last week and I still remember everything. Not sure what this means but I have been dreaming more and more lately. Is this an analogy of my life, a message, my brain dumping unwanted nonsense or just too much brain damage from my college days. Who knows but it makes ya think, happy dreaming everyone.

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