Constructive Criticism

Emerson once said. “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.”

When I first read this quote I didn’t get it. But after living for almost 40 years I now understand. You work hard at something and it will be a reward in itself. You can look back on what you’ve done and be proud or say, shit, what was I thinking. Regardless the work is done and you are on the other side of it, you can learn from it. Having written this blog on and off for a while I got some constructive criticism from a family member. He said some of the posts didn’t sound like me. I knew what he was saying, I have in the past written what I thought people wanted to hear rather than what was in my heart. I need to be true to myself if I am going to enjoy writing this blog. I need to be honest not only with you the reader, but with myself. So fuck all the niceties, marketing bullshit and just write like I talk. I found my voice, now I need to live up to it. Thanks bro.


  1. […] early on in writing this blog, be honest, write from who you are, use your own voice, see the post here. I am kind of thick headed and you sometimes need to tell me things more than once, so going […]


  2. […] told me I was trying to sound like someone else, I actually wrote a blog about it, you can read it here. He told me to be myself, write like how I talked. After that the posts came quicker and more […]


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