Wear Sunscreen

I had a mole on the side of my head, right in my hairline. You can’t even see it. But my wife saw it and she said it looked like it was getting bigger, meaning something could be wrong. FREAK OUT! So I made a doctors appointment. The whole time thinking what is this thing on my head? Was it cancer? It had been there for a while, at least a couple of years, probably more and I didn’t think anything of it, but now my imagination was in overdrive. I have had family members pass away from cancer (closest to me being my Grandfather and Biological Mother) so this is something I didn’t take lightly. What was my plan? What about my wife and kid? I don’t have a plan and realized, what the fuck! Did I think I was going to live forever? It really shook me up. At the doctors he sat me down took a look at the mole, growth, whatever you want to call it and gave me a quick reference to determine what is going on.


A – Asymmetrical

If the mole is asymmetrical and not uniform in shape. FAILED

B – Border

Is the border clearly defined or is it fuzzy. FAILED

C – Colour

Is the colour the same throughout. PASSED

D – Diameter

Is the diameter larger than a quarter inch, roughly the size of clicker on the end of a pen. FAILED

He said that it goes on all the way down the alphabet but these were a good determination of what to look for. He said, lets send you to a specialist. Wow, you really start to worry when your doctor doesn’t know what it is. Like Jerry Sienfeld says about doctors “That’s not the tube or the circle”. Anyway I got in to see the specialist pretty quickly, and to be honest I waited in her examination room longer than the appointment was. She comes in with a Star Trek looking device with a ring of lights and puts it over the skin thing, and proceeds to say as calm as ever, “Oh thats a (insert 16 syllable text book definition here) don’t worry its not cancer, For the life of me I can’t remember what she called it, I just heard “It’s not cancer”. The little Doug in my head was doing a jig and she shot the growth with some liquid nitrogen and said it would blister and fall off in a couple days. Good to go. Not so fast there big guy.

One thing I realized today is that I am very lucky but not everyone is, like the members of my family. I need to do more to help those with cancer and I will start today. Everything helps, either volunteer your time, money, skill set, whatever. There is always ways to help. And maybe it’s not cancer. A couple weeks ago I helped my Parents with an Alzheimer’s Fundraiser, just by painting faces of little kids at the event. I had a blast! They raised $22,000 that day towards the cause. Maybe there was some divine intervention there, my relatives in the afterlife having some fun with me, but it worked, showing me how easy it was to help out before my big scare. Cancer has a new soldier in its army and I encourage you to help out wherever you can, people need people like us. I almost did.

Here is just a few to get you started:
Amnesty International
H2O Africa

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