Generational Knowledge

I spent the last week building my wife’s office. We drywalled, taped, mudded, painted, built walls, hung a door, created wall sockets, moved lights and installed laminate. We pretty much built her a new office in a week. This is in the basement of our home. I never would have been able to pull this off without the help of my dad. Not only did I learn how to do all these things, some of which I knew before, but I also realized what I have been missing.

You see in the modern world we live in, life travels faster than we like to admit and in going to work and paying the bills we don’t have time to pass on the things we have learned to our kids. Let me explain. A long time ago on a continent far away people did a job and that was how they were identified. For example the last name Carpenter, you would  be a carpenter, go figure. Thats how these names originated you were identified with your job. If you came from a family of carpenters, you father would teach you how to be a carpenter and you would take over the business and so on and so on.

These days though with technology and global communication running rampant, young people have too many options and feel they are getting cheated if they have their careers chosen for them. Fair enough. But they should take time to learn something from their elders, everyone knows how to do something well, pass it on, build up that stockpile of generational knowledge. You ever notice when someone shows you something like juggling or how to fix a carburetor and you say “Where did you learn that?” More often than not they will say someone close to them, Mom, Dad, Uncle. I myself am always impressed by this. I think it is our responsibility to teach the younger generations what we know, even someone you don’t know, even if its as simple as how to bake a pie, ride a bike  or tie a shoe. Share what you know, the world will be smarter for it.

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