I am a voracious reader. I read about 5 books at once. Paperbacks, hardcover, ibooks and even listen to audiobooks on my commute. But I inevitably start to read a book and will let it slip through the cracks. I find other books I am reading at the time more compelling and decide to spend more time with them, like a cliquey high school girl. Some books just aren’t cool enough to hold my attention…later loser. Also it depends on the mood I am in too. If I have been reading a lot of non-fiction I will usually want to change it up and read something way on the the other end of the fiction spectrum.

This leads me to the graveyard of books in my collection that have been abandoned halfway through. Their sad little bookmarks, like scarlet letters, showing the exact point at which I got bored with them. What is the point of having half a story in your head, it makes no sense. I have only ever stopped a movie once in my life halfway through, because I hate leaving things unfinished (Scary Movie 3, in case your wondering). I have to finish what I started. But with books I do it all the time. The problem has also spilled over into my writing. I will start a project and get 4o00 words in and jump to another project. What is it with my relaxed attitude towards the written word. Even with the blog it took me a week to get it going again. Maybe I have ADHD or some form of adult distractive disorder….wait what was I talking about again?!?

What I think I need to do is slow down and concentrate on what I would like my goals to be. Set out a plan and stick to it. One project at a time. This blog has helped to loosen me up, keeping my brain active and also raise questions as to what is important to me but if I can’t keep my mind focused for more than a chapter or two, my books or someone else’s, I will never get anything done.

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