Change – Good and Bad

I am a big believer in change. I like when things move forward. Improvise, modify, adapt, overcome. This is a quote used by the marines, good words to live by. You stand still too long and life will plow over you, scrapping you on the sharp rocks of laziness and procrastination. Trust me I’ve been there. You don’t move and you get used to things passing you by, and just like merging into fast moving traffic you need to pick your moment and build up a lot of speed and slide in perfectly without fucking the whole thing up. Its just easier to keep on moving.

It’s not like I have changed the world or made a million bucks but in my own way I have kept consistent and moved forward at a reasonable pace. (A little faster than a rock and a little slower than a snail). I believe we have to shake things up once in a while, but sometimes it’s just wrong, head scratching wrong. Yes you can explain a lot of reasons for stupid moves but there is some doozies here is just one example that irked me yesterday.

I had upgraded to Lion OSX on the mac. For some reason mac has changed the way you scroll, up and down, and sideways (and I believe it is to make the gesture based controls more like the iPad and more universal across the board) but everything is backwards. I am constantly trying to scroll down a page and I get that goofy bouncing of the top of the page thing. My brain has used the same gesture for years to scroll down, now I have to scrap all of that myelin* (*see one of my first posts in this blog) that I have built up in my brain and relearn a whole new skill set. I know its a small thing but it is frustrating. Try playing a first person shooter with the up and down controls inverted from how you normally play and you know what I’m talking about.

On the flip side, Tiger Woods just fired his caddy that stuck with him through the last couple of trying years. Everyone is down on Tiger saying, why would you fire someone that has been loyal to you, especially in your darkest hour. I don’t agree with that. In the interviews from both sides Tiger basically said, We had a good run and Steve Williams, the caddy that was fired said, I basically wasted the last two years of my life. First off, golf is a mental game, everyone at that level can do the physical part, but it is the mental toughness that puts you above the rest of your competitors. Tiger would use his confidence to intimidate golfers into making mistakes, while he made none. Maybe Tigers problem now is that the others now see him as human, beatable. The Tiger has no teeth now and this is all just perception. So for him to make a change and fire Steve Williams is probably just a mental reset. It’s not working, try something else. Or maybe this is one of many mistakes Tiger has made in the last couple of years that will come back and bite him in the ass. I don’t think so though, I think he realizes that change is good and this will give him a fresh perspective. Like many optimists out there I think he has a lot more good golf left in him.

I could give many more examples of what change is good or bad, New Coke, Sammy Hagar, The Star Wars prequels. We all struggle with change everyday and I think as we get older it becomes harder to deal with it. My friend brought up a good point once, he said “When you’re young you are a liberal, you want jobs, student loans. When you get older and have worked your way up the ladder and made your money you become a conservative. You don’t want to be taxed, you want keep as much money as you can and buy what you want. And then in old age we become liberal again. Give me my pension, my tax breaks and my senior citizens discount.” It’s funny how what we believe now, changes 10 years down the road, so never say never and keep an open mind cause change is good, like the marines say “Improvise, modify, adapt, overcome.” Yes, I will get used to scrolling backwards and my brain will rewire itself but in the meantime I’ll roll with the punches and keep my legs moving, cause the world is nipping at my heels and it isn’t stopping for no one.

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