Back to Square One

Our reliance on technology is a scary thing, I didn’t realize how heavily I lean on my, oh so precious devices, here are a few examples.

The other day while writing the Out of Sight Out of Mind blog something happened, it has happened before, but not within a couple of days to drill home the point. I was just proofreading the blog and doing some small edits. It was raining outside pretty hard, one of those rainstorms that you don’t even want to run to your car cause you’ll be soaked half-way there. Well, I’m working away and BLAM!! It sounded like an aluminum bat hitting a street light. Lightning had hit close to to the building cause the flash was instantaneous with the thunder clap. The whole area went dark, including everything in my office. Looking at my black computer screen I felt confused. What do I do? Nothing I could do. I just went home.

A couple of days later I had gone out with the boys to a patio, a combination of a little too much sun and way too much beer and I end up at home in a taxi. I didn’t want to wake up my wife so I stay in the spare room. Anyway, I get up the next day and cannot find my phone anywhere. Panic!!! I can’t call anyone, what if someone is texting me?!? I start to shake realizing I can’t check my twitter feed or look up a movie review. Worst of all my Angry Birds is in the hands of some filthy stranger, oh the horror. After a few hours and doing the look-in-the-same-place-three-times-freak-out-searching-technique I hear my text alert sound (noir for iPhone owners). Like a sirens song I am hypnotized, I know its hear. I yell to my wife “Text me now!” She calls my phone instead, yah I know she is smarter than me. I hear my customized ringtone, Zombie by the Cranberries, and in an instant I am on it like a bloodhound.The night before in my drunken state of mind I placed my phone at the foot of the bed on a pile of my daughters stuffed animals. That’s a subject for another blog post, Drinking Thinking. I found it, I wasn’t going to have to pay $800 for a new one. What pisses me off was that I tried to call it first when I woke up, didn’t work and I had the find my phone app on my iPad and that didn’t work either. My point being for those few hours I was cut off from my life, I felt like a baby floating in a mothers tummy only I didn’t have an umbilical cord, my world was dark and I was free floating and my only connection to my digital world had been severed.

Third and final one was a story I had read on the Solar System app I blogged about a couple of days ago. It was about a explosion on the Sun that had happened in September of the year 1859. This event was so massive that if it would have happened today,”electrical currents would be induced in power lines and electricity generating stations sufficient to melt them. Satellites, computers, and communications networks would be destroyed. We would be returned to the Steam Age.” says Stuart Clark in The Sun Kings. Basically we would be fucked, you wouldn’t have lights, TV, even the basics. Hope you know how to rub two sticks together and catch your own food else Darwinism will take over real quick, survival of the fittest…bitch. I can just see it now, chaos everywhere, gangs of suburbanite thugs wandering the streets gathering up the last of the beer, cologne and propane. Fortified jungle gyms, strategic points in the battle for supremacy of Pleasant Heights. You could be like Conan, the barbarian not the talk show host. Scary shit isn’t it.

Anyway my point is we live in a time when our lives have been intertwined and propped up by this very fragile system of ones and zeros. We depend on it to live and with these three examples I hope I have shown you how easy it is to have that world crumble. Don’t discount the power of the planet, sun and our own stupidity. We will one day cease to exist and I think losing our iPhones is the first step. Noooooooooo, I regret nothing!!! fade to black.

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