Do We Control the Universe?

I know it sounds strange but I believe the human mind has a lot more power than we give it credit for. You know how they say we use 10% of our brains, I think thats bullshit. I think we use a bigger chunk than we realize, what I do know is a warehouse full of the stuff we take in we are not consciously aware of such as sight. I heard we process a fraction of what we see through our eyes. We may see a squirrel or a stop sign but the colour of the house down the street and the number of trees in view is lost information. So what is our brain doing if not processing and remembering?

I think it is keeping everything we know in check, stabilized. I know, I’m a freaking lunatic but the mind constructs reality. Just look at small little hints, not only in our lives but as a global community and it starts to make sense. One is visualization, you see something in your mind you can make it happen. Athletes do this all the time, you ever see a gymnast getting ready to vault, they are on the sidelines twisting and popping like a weird little break dancer. That’s not a convulsion but them visualizing in their mind the vault they are about to take, moving there arms and twisting slightly to make the spin or flip. Golf is another example, how many of us take a practise swing? We have all done it, first you think it, then you do it.

Bishop Berkley was a philosopher that thought what we take to be the material world and its contents are in reality only “ideas” which are perceived by our minds. The Hindus also believe the same idea.

There is a number of real world examples of this just check out the Global Consciousness Project website. One example is the events of 911. On that day the collective consciousness spiked. Is our subconscious making the planets orbit the sun? The bees pollinate the flowers? “I think therefore I am” seems pretty profound about now.

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