Mario and Kate – What Does it all Mean?

Have you ever had a persistent idea that keeps popping up? Some idea so persistent that you need to pay attention? But what if you don’t know what it means. This is my dilemma. Yesterday I decided to clean up my bookmarks in my browser. So I went to the bookmarks and looked for the earliest one. Start from the beginning right? Well, the link was for Mario Testinos website. Mario is a Peruvian fashion photographer who is world famous. He has worked for Burberry, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more. He has also been published in Vouge, Vanity Fair and V (seems like he has a preference for magazines starting with V). I’m not sure why I bookmarked it way back then, maybe it was the design, maybe I read an article about him but it was there. He wasn’t on my radar or anything. I looked over his site and thought nothing of it until later.

That night I was reading a book called “The Photo Book” by Phaidon, great book if you’re a photography fan. This is where it gets weird, Mario had an exhibition of photographs of Kate Moss that opened in July of 2010 called Kate Who? Well as I was flipping through this book they had a spread, see image below. On the left side was a photograph of Kate Moss by a photographer called Juergen Teller and right next to it on the same spread was Mario Testino. What are the chances and what are the coincidences that I am supposed to pay attention to? Kate Moss? Mario Testino? Juergen? I was a little weirded out.

This seems to happen to me a lot though, just like bad luck it usually comes in threes. I will see something or hear something (usually very abstract or sub-genreish) and it will pop up again within a day or sometimes hours or minutes. I also find if I think of someone I haven’t talked to for years I seem to run into them within the next couple of days. Am I creating this serendipitous event with my mind just by thinking about it or is it just coincidence. I’m not sure but I have no idea what the significance of Mario and Kate are to me. Oh well, I’m sure the world won’t end if I don’t figure this out. Or will it? Stay tuned!

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  1. […] as I think it is, but I will explain myself. I have blogged about this before in my blog post Mario and Kate – What does it all mean? Coincidences are all over the place, and we look for what we think is significant. I get that. You […]


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