I have always been interested by eyes, the windows to the soul. I am really bad with names, seriously, I am forgetting your name as you’re telling it to me. But eyes I can recognize years later, even if I meet the person in passing. Something about colour, composition, translucence, who knows, but I can sense that I have met them before. Also the life that is behind those eyes is a recognizable factor too. Wax museum models and CG animated characters still have that dead look to the eyes, they haven’t cracked it yet. There is no life, even with some people, they have less life in there eyes than others. People have called it beady little eyes or cold dead eyes, but you know it when you see it. What is it that gives our eyes that extra something, a twinkle if you will? Is it how the pupil dilates or the changing in colour of the iris? I don’t know. My wifes eyes actually change colour when she is upset, is this possible or do her eyes go red and by relative colour theory her eyes seem to change colour. I think the former, I think the eyes tell a story. You look at someone who is depressed and you can see it, or someone who just got laid, it shows.

I wrote a story once with a character that had two different coloured eyes, this was due to a traumatic event that happened to him in the plot. So I got interested and looked it up. It is called Heterochromia iridium. It happens when one eye gets either too much pigment or not enough. And usually each eye is a totally different colour. There are many celebrities that have this, Kate Bosworth, Christopher Walken, Dan Aykroyd, Mila Kunis, just to name a few. I always thought this was pretty cool to see someone with two different colour eyes. There is also a condition called Sectoral Heterochromia or Central Heterochromia which is partial discolouration of the eye, which is what I have. Sectoral is parts of the eye are different colour and Central is when there is a ring of different colour around the pupil.  So when I did some research about it to help with the story I was writing, it amazed me that Sectoral was rarer than Heterochromia itself. You think having two different colour eyes would be rarer but that’s not the case. I have heard a ton of theories from people that have noticed it in my eyes. Here are some of my favourites:

1) That I smoked to much and it was a build up of the toxins (At the time I was 8 and didn’t smoke)
2) That it was a build up of sulfur, not even sure what that meant
3) That I had lost a twin and this was the remnants of it (Chimerism)
4) That it was a royal birthmark (where is my freaking inheritance then)
5) Birth defect
666) Satan had infected my soul

Well it is kind of neat having multicoloured eyes but if freaks some people out. Maybe this was just some of the crackpots I used to run into in my hometown but anything different that people can’t explain makes them uncomfortable.

My friend also had a chart of the eye and it had sections mapped off for what nutrients you were lacking or illnesses by how these sections of your eye looked. I think the area in my eye that was brown and not blue like the rest of my eye meant I had liver problems. I think that was the beer, but I’ve had it since I was born, or did the eye know I would love beer when I was older. Maybe my eyes are a map to my life. Scary shit, what else can my eyes tell me?

But like I said before the eyes are the window to the soul. So take a long hard look in the mirror and let me know what you see. If you have the same condition let me know. And if you don’t at least you don’t have to worry about a lost twin floating inside you. Kidding! Or am I?

This blog also has some interesting info on the subject.

A close-up of my Sectoral Heterochromia


  1. I’ve always had a scary fascination with eyes. When I was a kid, I used to love drawing different types of eyes but then I’d have to hide my sketches away at night because I didn’t want them all looking at me while I was asleep!! 😛
    My eyes change colour, too, so I agree with you that “the eyes tell a story.”


  2. Blondzombie says:

    Haha too funny, like those creepy paintings where the eyes follow you around the room!


  3. In your research did you run across anything like this? I have two very bright blue eyes. However, one eye has speckled brown spots. Not the light blue speckling that sometimes accompany gorgeous blues eyes; but rather the very in your face, ‘what is wrong with your eye’, ‘dang girl what happen’, noticeably dark brown spots which are randomly placed. Idea’s?


  4. Blondzombie says:

    From what I read it’s like freckles but on your eyes. I also read another stat that 1 in 500 people have one blue eye, one brown eye. That is a lot of people with heterochromia out there. Just tell them your special 🙂


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