7 Random Facts

I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blog Award by a subscriber of mine called The Procrastinator. I was honoured andhumbled and any other h words you can think of. But one of the stipulations of the nomination was I needed to share 7 random facts about myself. Hey I didn’t say it would be interesting, I’m just fulfilling my obligation.

1. Weird food habits – I eat in the middle of the night and not during the day, I will go all day at work not eat then eat at 3 in the morning (fridge raid). I also lick my chips (crisps for my british readers) before I eat them and my favourite snack of all time is Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, an oyster and a dab of hot sauce (preferably Franks or tabasco).

2. Yuck it up- When I laugh real hard it sounds like a car starting on a cold winter morning.

3. I once was lost but now I’m found- I was adopted then 27 years later found my biological family (who stayed together) and now have a huge family, I need to second mortgage my house for all the birthdays and holidays.

4. Don’t bug me – One of my biggest fears besides edges (not necessarily heights) is being bug size to a bug. Insects, they are the freakiest looking creatures on the planet. And as for bugs with hair, get the heck out of here, even just talking about those nasty freaks of nature makes me twitch. Tarantulas I seem to be fine with though, go figure.

5. Nice guy- I am nice to everyone, and this you think would be a good thing. No, as people close to me have said more than once, your too nice, you let people walk all over you or you didn’t need to do that, they don’t care. What is it with my constant need for approval? Thats not a rhetorical question! Answer me! Notice me! LOVE ME!

6. Harmony- I love harmonization, acapella, barbershop, anything that is sung and is harmonized. Also medleys. I know, sounds gay, but I love all types of music from metal to mozart. Harmony and medleys just happens to be one of my favourites. And medleys that are harmonized, wow!

7. Hockey Fan- One of the biggest, I will watch, play, talk about anything hockey at the drop off a puck. Go Flames go!

So I hope this fulfills my obligation to the Versatile Blogger award and helps my readers learn a little more about me, so in the meantime and in between time, stay chilly and seriously, try the triscuits, cream cheese, oysters and tabasco, you’ll thank me for it. Unless you have a seafood allergy, in that case I got nothing for ya.

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