I don’t give it away for FREE

As a graphic designer I have had to deal with a lot of shit over my career. I love what I do, I just don’t like how the position is treated by most of the people out there. In a world where branding is becoming more important than a mission statement, where you can gain market points just on the look of your company’s logo. This is what I do, I make you look good. There is a lot of shit out there and my job is to clean it up. So all of you people designing ads in Word or doing posters in Excel, just stop it. Put the mouse down and step away from the computer, leave it to the professionals. You know these ads when you see them and this is how your customers see you.

I know you are trying to save money but don’t have your friends, sons, next door neighbour do it cause he is good with computers. Just cause you are good with computers doesn’t mean your creative. He is probably just on the computer everyday looking at porn and you are going to let him design the face of your company, holy fuck. That’s like me using my friends son to build my house cause he likes to play with lego.

Another thing that bothers me is some people, not all, think that you are just sitting by the phone waiting for them to call. They call at 10am and need it for noon. Are you kidding me! I run a business and if I ran it that way I would never get anything done. Oh I am so glad you called, I will ignore all of my other clients and jump on your type change this instant, I am sorry for my disobedience, please don’t hit me.

Also another fun one is the what I call the carousel, you do a logo, then you go through 70 changes only to arrive back where you started. You can save tons of time and just trust our instincts in the first place.

And one of the biggest piss-offs is these sites now that have designers compete for work ie. 99 designs. Like gladiators they throw all of them into a ring and they battle with design for the pay cheque. You design a logo and the client will judge it, you have a bunch of people doing dozens of logos, then the client will pick at the end and that designer will get paid. Basically you are working for spec (speculation-you do the work to get the job). What kind of bullshit is this, I have done spec work before but not on this scale, usually it is a pitch for an account, thousands of dollars, not a $500 logo job. Please, you don’t have 15 plumbers come into your house and all fix a toilet, then have them fix yours after you’ve picked the one that does the best job. I will no longer give it away for free, my mama didn’t raise no fool.

So in closing as the web gets more juggernaunty, and television becomes more omnipresent and print gets fazed out onto our iPads, remember, first impressions are everything and if you want to do it right, hire a professional. If you want to save a buck then use the kid whose punching the munchkin (if you know what I mean) who your mother-in-law thinks is good with computers. At least his handshake will be warm.

Power of Branding – You know exactly who this is

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