Happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. These are the words I use as my guideposts in my life. Everytime I am feeling down or depressed I go over this checklist and make sure I am on track. It helps to centre me and gives me an outside perspective on an already inside-out life. I have listed four explanations of what I feel they mean and how you can find them yourself. This is how I break it down.

Happy: Am I happy? This is a tough one, determining happiness is like trying to catch a fart. I look at it this way, am I going to bed with a smile on my face or am I dreading getting up the next morning. Some parts of my life may not be optimal, but overall are you satisfied? I like to smile and laugh more than I like to get pissed off, so just keep score in your head.

How to get it: Let the small stuff go. You hold grudges or nit pick about every little thing and it’s like a happiness black hole. Just let it go.

Healthy:  With healthy I just try to keep active. Whether it’s swimming every Saturday with my daughter or playing hockey three times a week, it is up to you. I have even started to work-out again, P90X style, my brother is doing the same program at the same time so it keeps me motivated. I also try to watch what I eat, that’s a lie, my wife watches what I eat and I sneak Beer, McDonalds and Taco Time (Canada’s version of Taco Bell) any chance I get.

How to get it: All of these points are things you can control. Like I said I just try to keep active, get off the couch, do some reading on diet and just eat micro-nutrient rich food. Micro-nutrient is just a fancy way of saying fruits and veggies people. Your mom was right, eat your veggies! A juicer is probably the best thing you can buy. Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. A great documentary on the healing power of food.

Wealthy:  I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination but I am comfortable. I’m not living in a mansion with a pool and servants but I’m not living in my own feces either. Wealth doesn’t have to be money. It can be love, luck, whatever you consider wealth will work. I am extremely wealthy in love, with my wife and daughter. I am wealthier in love than I ever thought possible, put on top of that all of my families (see Coincidences, a past post for an explanation on that one) and I won the love lottery!

How to get it: Whatever you call wealth it all works the same way. Find out what you want and be confident, go for it. I you are true to yourself, and I mean brutally honest your goals will come to you way easier. I wish I knew this little nugget of information when I was twenty, it would have made my life so much easier. And don’t be afraid of change, I am still guilty of that one to a certain extent.

Wise:  I read like a book addict with a library card. From comics to novels to blogs to essays. I love information. I love documentaries, best way to learn something and you get to watch a movie too. Get Netflix it has bunches of them. Ted Conference talks is another one I highly recommend, talks on everything from kinetic sculptures to how to make a robot foot and the science of scent. Every talk is interesting and there is loads of them. Art galleries and museums are always on my list of fun brain food. Even local artist openings, you get to look at art, drink some wine, eat some finger food and act like a snobby art critic. Even if the work is shit you feel superior to the poor shmuck after you leave, and if it’s good, then you found something you can relate to, it’s a win-win.

How to get it: Be open to new ideas, look for what you are interested in and explore. Google the hell out of stuff, it’s like jumping into a big information ocean. When you were a kid you may not have liked grapefruit but now that you are older you love grapefruit, well your brain is the same way, let it decide what it likes, never pre-judge.

Like I said before, I am by no means the picture of success, but I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise and as long as I have those four bases covered all is right in my world.

Just as a last note this blog is dedicated to my wife, who from the moment I met her saw something in me I didn’t see in myself and to this day makes me a better person just by being herself. Thanks hon.

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