To be or not to Zombie!

That is the question. I love halloween, the chill in the air, the spooks, ghouls and super-heroes on the street looking for candy. Coming to your door and demanding they be given a treat or else. My little one this year decided to be a Zombie Princess, no coaching from me, she picked it on her own (the zombie force is strong in this one). It was either that or a Monster High Character and those costumes are impossible to find. This holiday is one of those where you don’t have to cook a turkey or buy presents or even get the whole family together. You just put on a costume and head out the door and get free candy or cause all kinds of mischief. More on that later.

Halloween is thought to come from Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-an orsow-in)”, derived from the Old Irish Samuin meaning “summer’s end”. They believed that this was the time of year when the supernatural and the physical worlds were closest. It is also influenced by the christian holiday All Saints Day (also known as Hallowmas, All Hallows or Hallowtide). It consisted of praying for the souls of the recently departed that hadn’t reached heaven yet and was held on November 1st and 2nd. When the puritans came over to North America they actually hated Halloween and did not recognize it as a holiday. Halloween didn’t become popular again until the Irish and the Scottish came over in larger numbers in the early 19th century. It has now grown into a holiday celebrated across the continent by everyone.

I enjoy the holiday with my daughter and it is all about the candy and dressing up at her age, but when I was a young man in my teens Halloween was for “Trick” not “Treat”. From eggs to toilet paper to harassing kids that were a little to old to be getting candy ie. guys from your class (leave it to the kids guys, you know who you are). Fuelled by beer and bravado we were trouble, and not getting caught or recognized is a hard thing in a small city I grew up in, you had to be careful. This was part of what made Halloween fun for me again. It got my heart pumping, after egging someones house or car, you felt that rush of adrenaline and as you and your masked buddies darted between houses whooping and hollering you were scared and exhilarated simultaneously. What a rush! And it was the spookiness of all these people walking the streets with costumes and masks that made it so anonymous and creepy. With the turning of the leaves and the naked gnarly trees it only made it scarier. So starting all over with my daughter, taking her out tonight to get her free candy, seeing her excited little face as she sprints from one front door to the next is too much fun. So have a safe and scary Halloween and remember, you are never to old to “Trick” so get out there and toilet paper your neighbours car or egg someones front door. Just don’t get caught, how embarrassing would that be, what are you 12?!?

My little Zombie Princess trying to eat my brain!!!

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