Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls are fundamentally different. So are men and women, mars and venus, yin and yang, apples and oranges. However you want to say it, we know this to be true. Of course you are always going to have your feminine men or masculine women but as whole we are on either sides of the fence when it comes to gender boundaries.

When I was just out of high school my mother supervised lunch and recess at a local school and every once in a while she would need extra help. I would show up and help supervise the elementary kids at recess. Cute kids. But here is where it got kinda anthropological (is that even a word?). First off the groups would stay separate, girls play with the girls and boys play with the boys, the boys would send scouts over to bug the girls or pull their hair and the girls would send spies over to deliver kisses or secrets about who liked who. It was pretty funny. But being a younger guy with a little more energy than my mother and her co-workers I would actually go out and interact with them. Well, the girls would hold my hands and look up at me and get embarrassed, then more girls would come and eventually as I was walking around supervising the school yard I had a group of girls holding on to my hand, the back of my jacket, walking in front of me but staying close. And as soon as one moved out of the group another one took her place. It was like a mobile crush-fest.  Eventually I had to escape or else I would be draped with them for the entire recess. The boys on the other hand did the same thing but battle royal style. They would crowd around, kicking and punching me in the legs and arms, seeing who could bring me down, the ones behind my back would try to climb me. I’d have two on my back while one tripped me, then they would pounce on mass. I can see how a colony of ants can bring down a larger animal, just pure numbers. It was like Lord of the Flies. Crazy little monkeys. So you see we may think we are cultured and sophisticated now that we are older, but that is just not the case. War and love, hard and soft, action movies and chick flicks. It is still the same.

Girls develop the right side of brain faster than boys: leads to talking, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading earlier, better memory.

Boys develop left side faster than girls: visual-spatial-logical skills, perceptual skills, better at math, problem solving, building and figuring out puzzles.

Nurturers and hunters. But I think as we move into the future I think these lines are blurring and in my wife and I’s case the roles are sometime reversed between her and I, not always but sometimes.

Another example is a close friend who has since moved away. When I first met him he was one of the most rugged manly guys I knew, he would wear plaid shirts with jeans and liked to go 4x4ing in his beefed up jeep. Each Halloween he would dress up in drag. It was funny that he would go as that for every Halloween, then it happened more often than halloween, then it was every weekend. She now lives on the west coast (yes she is in the process of becoming who she tells me is inside her, a women). I think the west coast is good for her, she is happier. Her family is out there and I am sure with the process she has to go through (hormones, psych evaluations, hoops to jump through) that it makes it easier. Over the years as I went out to the coast on business we would touch base, catch up and the transformation would be more pronounced. Softer skin, more feminine demeanour and the big one, breasts. All this aside if you agree with it or not, it must have been horrible to be trapped in a mans body if inside you are female or vice versa (Chaz Bono). So even if I would never do it myself I will support my friend as long as she is happy.

So moving forward I believe as humans we will come closer to a middle ground and stop judging each other on gender. Because in the distant future once we all turn grey, our heads get bigger, we loose our hair and wear our one piece silver space suits you won’t be able to tell us apart anyway so why not start treating each other as equals now. Start treating each other with respect, cause we can’t propagate the species without each other. And the propagating is the fun part.

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