Planets I Have Been To…

Don’t worry I’m not going crazy and I haven’t figured out how to traverse great distances…yet. But I have figured out how to make my photos from trips more interesting. I just got bored of the whole snapshot thing that I thought I would try something new. At first I would take panoramas.

360° Panorama of our trip to Calaway Park

This was cool, you get a whole vista on one photo. In the beginning I would take multiple pics and stitch them together. Then cameras came out with that capability, which made it easier, then the iPhone came out with all of its wonderful apps. One was called 360 Panorama, you can get it here if you have an iPhone, not sure if it’s on Android. What this program does is captures your surroundings in a 360 degree format, you have to stay in one place and just turn and capture everything around you. You can either view them in the program which allows you to swipe back and forth as if you are really there, save as a panorama like you see above and finally in my favourite format which is stereographic. This gives you a spherical look to your image and if you take the whole 360 degrees. Voila, instant planet.

Stereographic image of above panorama

I then put on where the pic was taken and fill in the spot in the middle that is blank, put my families pictures in it and I am done. Just makes going places a little more interesting, a couple tips before I go.

1. Crowds: Try to avoid busy places, if a lot of people are moving around you will get bodies cut in half and blurred images.

2. Lighting: If you can get a location with good light that is the best, also outside works the best cause you get the sky and horizon line which makes it look like a planet. I have gotten some cool ones indoors too, experiment. Also try to start with the middle brightness at your location (not directly at the sun and not in the shadows) this will make the rest of the image balance out colour-wise.

3. Capturing: People are going to think you are crazy or an FBI agent. People think I am scanning the area or taking pics of them until I show them what I am doing, inevitably you are going to catch someone in the shot you don’t know, who cares, you can photoshop them out.

4. Try Everything: Sometimes the most beautiful image will not work and the most boring one will. It’s a crap shoot, one thing I have learned is if you want the planet bigger in the image, hold the camera lower, if you want it smaller with more sky, hold it higher in the air.

I hope you found this interesting and I will leave you with a few images I have done with my retouching and planet logo on them. Let me know if you do any planet pics, I would love to see them, I’m sure there is cool places all over the world that would look wicked in a 360 degree-stereographic panorama. Happy planet hopping.


  1. Colin says:

    Hey Doug. this is a great way to visually document your adventures. Love your little family logo photo!


  2. Mitchy B boy says:

    This shiznit is for real. Blonde Zombie in da house!


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