Sammy Says

I like to think I am a pretty good at communicating, visual and the written word, but I am sometimes outdone by my 6 year old. It is so interesting listening to what they say. Sometimes I laugh my ass off, other times I get worried and wonder if I should call a specialist. This is a list of things my daughter has said over the last couple of years that I thought I should write down and share.

  1. “I love you more than Bucky and Zak daddy.” – Bucky and Zak are our cats.
  2. Coming at me with scissors snapping – “Look daddy a Scissoraptor!”
  3. When I told her she was being grumpy – “Fine, I’ll move in with another family then.”
  4. “I’m done with my mind” – wanted to say I’ve made up my mind
  5. Her response to me calling her a nut – “Do I look brown to you daddy?”
  6. “Did you know you’re not supposed to hug vampires?” – Telling my wife about vampires
  7. “So it’s hard, like driving a car then?” – Her getting upset about the rules of soccer
  8. “The wild cats made my python a bowl of dead mice for dinner” – playing with her stuffed animals
  9. “We only kill the bully turkeys” playing Cooking Mama on the internet
  10. “A boy that looks like a girl” – Her uncle asking her who Justin Bieber was
  11. “I want a motor boat and his name will be Steve.”
  12. “Flying is my favourite colour.” – I almost cried on this one, because it was so cute and I was worried.
  13. “I know, my brain is very powerful.” – After telling her she was such a smart girl
  14. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? If it isn’t my favorite nerd bird.” – She said this to me, I thought it was funny, I didn’t realize until a while later it was from the movie Rio.
  15. “I wish I was a unicorn or a baby kitty.”
  16. “Are clouds the judges of golfing?”
  17. “Mommy, your ice cream is much more better than mine. We should trade.”
  18. “I want to have a babysitter, Auntie Kristel, do you know her?”
  19. Her mom says to her “Want some summer sausage Sam?” Sam says “What is it made from butterflies and flowers?”
  20. “I’m a brainy pants.”
  21. Sam: “What’s my favorite Colour?” Her and her mom say at the same time: “PINK!!” Sam: “Touché.”
  22. “You know what ketchup I don’t like, mustard.”
So whether you have kids or not and you are having a rough day, just ask a six year old something, anything. There minds work in funny ways and haven’t been jaded by the harsh and sometimes unforgiving world. They see things differently. We then slowly and methodically wipe away that innocence, that way of seeing the world, so enjoy it while it lasts. The world would be a much better place if we all thought like a six year old girl. There would definitely be a lot more stuffed animals and ice cream. Stay young!


  1. I’ll add another…
    Me: Sammy what kind of chips do you want?
    Sammy: Potato


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