Karma, Really?!?

I have always believed in Karma. I have lived my life by the rule, you treat people nice and maybe they will treat you nice back. But lately that hasn’t seemed to work out so well for me and for the people I love. I find the people that are getting ahead are the assholes, no surprise there. I just recently found out one of my heroes, which I wrote a blog about recently, Steve Jobs, was a real prick. This is just one example, he had a meeting with a company that was having trouble getting him chips for his products on time so he stormed into the meeting and called them a bunch of dickless assholes. They got the chips to Apple on time after that meeting and had jackets made with the slogan Team FDA. See this website for more examples of Jobs antics. He also wanted to have nothing to do with his biological father, having been through the same situation finding my biological parents I can understand what he was going through, but to not meet him at all? Seems a bit harsh. I can’t really judge the man because I never met him and I still love what he has done with Apple and for me for that matter, I was just surprised to read about all of these things in hindsight.

We are always taught to treat everyone with respect, but the more I hear from the media the more I feel the message is: Take what you can and run, screw whoever you can before they screw you. Is this what I want to teach my little girl? Is this the future we are barreling towards with eyes shut and hands grabbing? Make sure your kids are shrewd, lean and fast so they won’t starve to death. Just look at some examples from the recent past, BP oil spill, banking collapse, Greece, U.S. corruption in Iraq, the list goes on. It’s Black Friday and the world we live in is the mall.

Another thing is the Occupy Wall Street movement. It started out as a voice against corruption and greed and has spread around the world, but now people are taking the stance, not in my backyard. The authorities are starting to crack down on the movement and the police are getting involved. The media then will go in and make the movement look bad by interviewing homeless people that just happen to be there, not involved in the cause at all. But isn’t that the point! This homeless man is there cause the system doesn’t work, either by ignoring his mental illness or allowing him to lose his home in the first place.

We all knew bullies when we were younger and either they grew up and realized what assholes they were or they just transformed into the jerks of the modern world, messing everything up for the rest of us. If you haven’t already go back and watch my video Pray or Prey. It says if people learn to love more maybe the world would be a better place. I still think that is true, I just think people are loving the wrong stuff. Love people, not things, it’s that simple.

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