My Tech

I was watching a show on television where they destroyed a camera to see what tech was inside. Once they pulled out the guts it was pretty small. The CCD (image sensor) was actually quite small and the rest of the tech that ran the camera was smaller still. It made me think, what do you need the rest of the camera for? The fancy packaging in a rainbow of colours is a waste of money. I don’t usually like any of the colours anyway and I usually go with black not because black is the best its that it is the least offensive of all the other colours. They should sell the packaged versions to the layman and the guts to people like me. We could stitch it into a hat or a jacket, a sweater, whatever. One idea is to sew it into the arm of a jacket and have the camera lens where a wrist watch would be and have the view screen on the back of your forearm wrist area. Or a laptop built into a wall or the dash of your car. There is so many possibilities and without the fancy packaging the cost would drop considerably. Also with 3rd party companies making iPhone cases and tons of other cases why not make tech cases. Configure your own, make it uniquely you. You don’t just have the new iPhone, you have the new myPhone. I think people would get really creative with it.

I can understand some of the concerns like laptops overheating, exposed wiring or just exposure to the elements could be bad for some sensitive components, but let us worry about that. It’s like people customizing their cars, same thing with my tech, it’s part of my life, don’t make me pick from what you think I like, let me decide for myself. You think out of apple green, cherry red, or autumn orange one of them really says who I am as a person. Puh-lease.

It’s already out there, some examples of tech clothing are here and here. So if you are out there and you want customizable tech, let your voice be heard. And if you’re really adventurous, take some of your current tech and rip it up, re-imagine it, throw stickers all over it whatever shows it’s yours. I’m sick of treating my technology like it’s borrowed from the manufacturer. It’s time for us to take back ownership. A little less corporate and a little more me.

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