The Warrior vs. The Mommy

I had a blog a few back that was about boys and girls. I was discussing it with a friend of mine and I realized as we get older the roles do not change much from when we were kids. Girls may mature faster than guys, but we aren’t as emotional as they are, that’s the trade off I think. God says to women, you can get up to top speed faster but you’re going to run a little hot. Women love it when you use analogies comparing them to cars don’t they? Which reminds of a joke. How fast can a girl screw? 68 mph, because when she gets to 69 she flips over and blows a rod. See! Right there is an example of the differences between men and women, men laugh at that and tell their buddies. The women probably have unsubscribed and marked me as offensive (I was just illustrating a point don’t de-follow me). You see we are always boys at heart, we can be dressed up and put in important social situations but we are all the little boy that likes to ride his bike fast, catch gophers and pee in public. Well maybe that last one is just me. But if you look at how the social structure is set up it really is still hunter gatherer vs. nurturer. Like I had said before my buddy and I had this discussion and I realized we go out and hunt, catch the mammoth or in my case the steady pay cheque and bring it home, where my wife then buys what we need, tells me what to fix in the hut or house. Gives me a little play money and sends me out to play with my friends. All of you are saying, not me, I do my own thing, well maybe you do, but you are either single or your kids are wearing burlap to school. I found in a family situation it is better to let the nurturer nurture and the hunter hunt. Of course we are complicated beings and there is overlap, but in general we are still animals who love, eat, sleep and poop.

And you single guys, you are just as bad. If you have a chance to be mothered we all will take the opportunity, dinner at your buddies moms house. I’ll be there. Girlfriend making you dinner, damn straight, unless she is a bad cook, then you just have the usual pizza and macaroni. Guys are guys, and most of us have a soft spot for our maternal figures. Where do you think yo mama jokes came from? You talk about a mans mother and watch out. Even gay men when left to there own devices are primal just like the rest of us. You ever hear about how much sex gay men have? That’s because their a bunch of hunters in a thump-thump club living la vida loca. Like a room full of over friendly dogs, there is a bunch of crotch-sniffing going on there. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

So you have to admit, with all of our toys, emotions, prehensile thumbs we are still rooting around trying to find food, love, a bed to sleep in, and a place to go to the bathroom. So bark at the moon and remember you’re a hunter…or a nurturer. But whatever you are, make sure you be the best one you can be.

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