Sweet and Scary

I love my daughter more than anything, she is one of the most interesting people I have ever met and she is six. She is unique in not only how she sees the world but how her brain works. See my blog about some of her more famous quotes. But as she gets bigger and her likes and dislikes come more into focus I start to get a little worried. First off she went as a Zombie Princess for Halloween (all her friends are going as just princesses but she probably thinks that’s boring). And maybe the zombie thing is an influence from me, I do love myself a good zombie. Zombies are cool and they are very popular but there are other things she does that make me think there is a theme going on here.

First of is her love of dragons, she is a dragon freak. She has many stuffed and plastic dragons that she plays with at hours at a time. Where did this come from? Don’t little girls want ponies? What gene kicked in during the development for this preference? Whatever. The only problem is these little dragons have sharp parts and hurt when they are stepped on. Here are some scenarios my wife has photographed over the years from her dollhouse.

Just your typical dragon family with Uncle Bat in the background

Baby Dragons at school, the teacher is a dog, of course, right?!?

When the baby dragons are at school the mother dragons have tea.

An Asian style tea time for frog and snake

All looks normal, just don’t go swimming in the pool, STINGRAY!!!

Puff the Playboy Dragon with his ladies.

The gay T-Rex and his posse. I call him Trexie.

So I don’t mind the dragons but she loves everything from worms to snakes to monsters. She recently discovered a game called Scribblenauts Remix for my iPad. The idea behind the game is you type in pretty much anything and it comes to life on your screen (nothing copyrighted or vulgar, it is a kids game). She will play this thing for hours. But even she can find the evil monsters in a kids game, somehow she decided to type in portal. I have no idea how she figured this out. A portal appears and in this game I guess monsters come out. She would keep on creating portals until she got the monster she wanted. Out comes Cthulhu, it was love at first sight for my daughter. According to the wikipedia page he is described as being “…an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature…. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque scaly body with rudimentary wings”. Cthulhu is apparently the source of constant anxiety for mankind at a subconscious level, and also the subject of worship by a number of evil cults. Of course Sam is not happy with just having a monster on her page as it would attack everything else. So in this game you can use adjectives (nice, bossy, agitated) she decided every time she created Cthulhu he would be Cuddlesome. Cuddlesome Cthulhu, two words I’m sure a lot of you HP Lovecraft fans would never hear in the same sentence. Anyway here is a screenshot from her game with the family on one side and Cthulhu on the other, don’t worry he’s cuddlesome. The family is safe.

The other day I found her making a potion to create the evil Hexxus from the movie Fern Gully. She had mixed pretty much everything from the bathroom cupboard in a small cup in the sink. Complete with charms and everything.

My daughters potion to create the evil Hexxus from Fern Gully

So moving forward, should I be worried? Is she going to get into some black magic and try and summon Cthulhu or any other monsters or beings from the 4th dimension? You may think I am over reacting, but any of you that have kids know that if they are too quiet, they are probably up to world destruction. I think I’ll keep an eye on her for a while. Keep the chemicals and chants to a minimum. Maybe we’ll make it past 2012.


  1. LMB says:

    Love it – you do know green blood runs in the family, lol.
    I love her creative mind, her play and stories are never dull; so glad she does not stick to the tried and true but goes her own path!!


  2. Derek says:

    “…the same thing we do every night… TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”


  3. For children, isn’t playacting a way to manage new information, ordinary fear, and human behavior? I love what you’ve written on this subject, and your family sounds like lots of fun.

    There are two additional things I love about this post alongside the writing itself–

    First, I think it’s brilliant that your spouse took pictures of your daughter’s play scenarios.

    Secondly, gay T-Rex makes me *SO* happy. Really, really happy.


  1. […] of the girl scouts (girl guides). Blond Zombie wrote a fascinating essay with photographs about his daughter and her obsession with all things scary. What’s especially brilliant is that Blond Zombie’s spouse has taken photographs of […]


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