Cuddlesome Cthuhlu

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating about my daughter’s love for anything monsterly in my past blogs, here in her own words, and drawings, is her latest adventure from the Cuddlesome Cthulhu. It is by no means polished, but hey she’s six! In the middle she got distracted by the meter on the recording app on my iPhone, so that is why she sounds out of it, I had to point at the her drawings for her to continue. Some people would call it ADHD, I call it being six. I love the use of the sports framed paper and the subtle use of line and negative space. The Cthulhu looks especially scary in the cave scene. The Cuddlesome Cthulhu is being optioned by Paramount and will be a feature length film late 2012, Hugh Jackman is set to play the Cthulhu and Emma Stone is still in negotiations to play the little girl. Isn’t that cool!

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