Attack of the Globsters!

After delving into the monster realm the last little while, I have stumbled on quite a few weird things. Some are easily explainable and others are just, well, plain icky. Case in point, the Globster. Wiki defines it as a unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shores of the ocean, but has also been found on shores of lakes and rivers. It has no eyes, defined head or apparent bone structure. A lot of people will say these are just Whale carcasses or giant octopus carcasses that have decomposed so much they are unrecognizable, but I think there is something else going on here.

First off we know more about space than we do the ocean floor and who is to say we have any idea what is down there. In 1960, the manned submersible Trieste descended to the record of 10.9 km or 6.8 miles (35,800 feet) below the ocean. That is the farthest we have been, they had a little window made of a cone shaped block of acrylic glass. This is the only manned voyage down to the deepest part of the ocean, the Challenger Deep, in the Mariana Trench near Guam. To say we know what is going on down there is like being in the trunk of a parked car in New York and just having a small peephole to look through, then saying to your buddies, yah I know what New York is all about. I think most of what is down there is a mystery, from extremophiles to sea monsters to WTF?

So when creatures pop up and we don’t know what they are, don’t be surprised. Whale carcasses are one explanation for the Globsters, but what about the more elusive creatures. I have seen blind lizards with no eyes that are completely white that live in pitch black caves, bacteria that live in temperatures that would cook our skin off, even a fungus that makes ants into zombies by taking over their bodies. At the bottom of the ocean there is a layer of what scientists call diatomaceous ooze. From what I understand this is the shells of diatoms (algae) and amorphous silica (Amorphous silica-SiO2-is an inorganic material commonly used in semiconductor circuits). So you have that stuff and everything that not only dies in the ocean, but falls into the ocean (The Great Pacific Garbage Patch) that goes down and mixes with these strange elements. Who is to say that sludge down there, just like the primordial ooze that created us, isn’t churning up some blobby, messed up creature. Maybe they’re like cows down there, just feeding on the gunk at the bottom, wandering around, every once in a while they eat a whale or whatever else falls in front of them, that’s why they find whale DNA on these carcasses. Maybe they are like nature’s pool cleaners. Who knows, I get freaked out thinking about floating around in the ocean. I don’t mean just off the beach in Cancun, I mean off a boat in the middle of the Pacific, knowing that there is miles and miles of water below you with who knows what swimming around under your feet. Gives me the williams I tell ya!

So until we map every part of the globe and categorize every living being, I will, just like most of the cryptozoologists out there, believe in the Globster and prepare myself for when they rise up from there confines at the bottom of the ocean and start attacking the mainland. Viva la Globster resistance!!!

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