How do we Fall in Love?

What is it inside us that make us fall in love? How and why are we drawn to each other? I myself have fallen in love a few times over the years, but never as profound as the two girls in my life, my wife and daughter. Even though I love them both equally, the genesis behind my feelings for them are completely different.

With my wife it was a slow, comfortable process. We met and hit it off right away, became really good friends and have been together ever since. Love wasn’t even on my radar until she said it to me at my parents house. At the time I couldn’t say it back and I told her this. She just looked at me and said that was fine, she just wanted me to know. This is where the one of the first seeds was planted. She was so vulnerable, so true, it made me smile with my heart. There was many other instances but this one was special to me. Over the years, like the branches of a tree Shanon’s love has grown around, through and into my heart. I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else like I love her. She is so much a part of me.

On the flip side, if my wife’s love is like a slow moving branches of a tree wrapping themselves around me, my love for my daughter happened like a flash of lightning. It hit me like a truck. I was in the delivery room at the hospital with my wife. What started out being her, my sister and I, ended up being eleven people and eventually twelve when my daughter came into the world, the feeling in the room was electric. I have never felt anything like it. The doctors kept on asking me if I was okay, cause I had this stupid grin on my face. Then it happened my daughter was born, she didn’t want to come out, they needed to use all of the tricks in the book, but out she came. They cleaned her up, did there tests, unplugged all the orifices and set her in the incubator thingy. She was healthy, all fingers and toes. The doctors called me over. I stepped up to her and looked into her eyes. I put my hand out and she grabbed my finger. At that instant my heart, like a neutron star, collapsed to an infinitely small spec and then exploded to anything bigger than I have ever felt. My life changed from that moment forward, I was her dad. An just by luck, I happened to have my camera and snapped a pic of that exact moment. It is by far one of my favourite photos of my daughter and I. How lucky is it to have a picture of the moment you fell in love with someone.

So think of who you love and why you love them. Make sure they know why and maybe if you’re lucky, they will let you know why they love you back.

The moment I fell in love with my Sammy


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, both your post and the photo! I wasn’t able to ‘bond’ with my Lil Miss Awesome immediately – because of problems at the hospital (namely the nurses) – but now I love her more than I ever thought humanly possible 😀 Hope you and your family have a fantastic New Year!


  2. yearstricken says:

    Wonderful writing.


  3. I think my brain just melted. Your sentiments toward your wife and your daughter are exquisitely written here.

    I loved this piece, loved the writing, and am amazed you had the presence of mind to take a beautiful picture of your daughter right after so much intense activity.


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