Two More Awards

Wow, it’s been a great year and the new one is upon us. I have been nominated for two awards by Courtenay Bluebird. One is the Versatile Blogger Award and The Liebster Award. This is my second nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award but The Liebster is brand spanking new. There are responsibilities that come along with the nominations, I have to pass the nomination along to other bloggers. Fifteen for The Versatile Blogger Award and five for The Liebster Award. I barely have enough time to write my blog let alone read other
ones but I will do my best to list the ones I have enjoyed.

Confessions of a Procrastinator – She has a great sense of humour and knack for putting things off. Funny and she makes me feel better for being a couch potato.

Courtenay Bluebird – Consistently great writing. Talented and always has a kind word on my comments. Thanks for the nomination Bluebird.

The Designer’s Survival Guide – A whole blog dedicated to making me a better designer. Thanks.

The Zombie Journals – Christopher De Voss has a great sense of humour and loves to put it all out there. Need something to make you smile, read a post of his. Good work. Plus we both like zombies, nuff said.

That is all of the bloggers I have had a chance to read, when things slow down I will dive into the blogosphere with both feet but for now this is all I can muster. The other  stipulation was seven random facts about myself. You can see my original seven random facts about me here. I had done it the first time I was nominated but I will now list seven new random facts to satisfy my nomination.

1. Scared of Heights: I don’t really think I am scared of heights, I think I am more scared of edges.

2. Clumsy but think I am graceful: I will stub my toe walking down a hallway, on the wall. Who does that? But I think I am graceful. My wife just laughs at me.

3. Sloppiest neat freak ever: I am soooo messy around the house, laundry, dishes all over, but when I design it needs to be perfect. Why can’t those two worlds collide? Cause you can’t clean the house with a computer mouse, that’s why.

4. Love mind numbing TV: Robot Chicken is one of my favourites, Family Guy, Simpsons…you get the picture.

5. ADD with Words: Currently writing two novels, one screenplay a comic book and one Blog and reading Five novels and countless comic books on my iPad.

6. Tech Junkie: If it is the latest and greatest I gotta have it.

7. Young at heart: I constantly feel like I’m just turning twenty-one. Maybe that’s why I didn’t take the whole responsibility thing to heart. My body definitely doesn’t feel twenty-one though!

Thank you again Courtenay Bluebird for nominating me for these awards, I appreciate the honour and will do my best to uphold the quality of the blog to which you have become accustomed. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Gloriously handled and well-written! (And thanks for the compliments! I really appreciate them v. much!)

    What caps off this nicely-worded post, is the shark with a monocle. I don’t know how you came up with this, but it is GENIUS. (I’ve decided, in my head, that his name is Professor Chumley. Hope that is okay with you.)

    Yay! It’s moments like this that make blogging so much fun!


  2. Blondzombie says:

    Professor Chumley it is! 🙂


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