Write What You No!

Being a creative person I take things from around me and repurpose them to meet my needs. Like a big idea sausage grinder, I will see a article or a television show and put it in that little vault in my brain and keep it until I need it. Like the saying goes you write what you know. This blog is like that, I take from my life and put in on the page. So when you write something it comes from somewhere inside you, somewhere personal. Then you will let someone read it. I understand that in order to enjoy the story or whatever it is you wrote, people need to relate to it or connect to it in some way. But I always laugh when someone will come back and say “Is this character me?” or “The protagonist is so like Bill, Is it Bill?” Also if you write anything even close to something they have seen before they come back with “This is just like the Twilight Zone episode where the guy disappears.” which ninety-nine percent of the time I say “I’ve never seen it.” and if I had it is usually unintentional. They give you that pity look, like you plagiarized it. Even if something is close, who cares? Look at all of the remakes and reboots, re-imaginings and tributes. Like they say, everything has been written, we just have to tell the story differently.

Same thing happens when you draw someone. An illustrator friend of mine and I always have a laugh when we talk about drawing portraits or caricatures. People have an idea in their head of what they think they look like. It is like what Morpheus says in the first Matrix when he is talking with Neo. People have a Residual Self Image, so they will look at what you have drawn and say “Oh those aren’t my ears and my nose is a little smaller.” It is a drawing based on you, my interpretation of what I think you look like. If you want realism I’ll take a picture or get a mirror for you.

So don’t worry if someone calls you on what you have created, it is your ideas, from your brain. If people were worried about what has been done before, nothing new would ever be written. So keep writing, drawing, being creative, whatever you do and no, this blog isn’t about you.

“My hair is all wrong, I think it should be blonder!”

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  1. And of course, until the last paragraph, I had an attack of paranoia. This post is priceless.


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