No, this isn’t a new church, or a new mortgage scam from the greedy people on Wall Street. It is a word dropped on us by the one and only Homer Simpson after his daughter Lisa told him the Chinese have the same word for crisis as they do opportunity. “Crisitunity” he says with the wisdom of a sage. Instantly I thought of good luck. One door will close and another will open. Crisitunity.

I loved this word because I have a talent for attracting bad luck. I remember from my childhood always hearing “Bad luck comes in threes!” So if something bad happened I would always wait for two more bad things to happen. What I didn’t realize is they only said this after three bad things had happened already and this was to make you feel better about your pathetic luck and that it would now be over. Well just imagine me as a kid waiting for bad luck to find me two more times, after bad luck had already found me. It wasn’t a healthy state of mind to be in.

Well since then I have come up with a rule of three’s. I’m sure other people have found this in their lives and it isn’t as profound as I think it is, but I will explain myself. I have blogged about this before in my blog post Mario and Kate – What does it all mean? Coincidences are all over the place, and we look for what we think is significant. I get that. You see something the first time and it means nothing, you see something the second time and it is a coincidence, but the third time there are larger forces at work. I have had a rule of 3’s happen in my life recently and I don’t know if it is a good luck or a bad luck thing (this is why I have been tardy in my upkeep of the blog) but I would like to think it is the former, rather than the latter. Sorry for being so enigmatic but life unfurls in strange ways and I don’t want to temp fate one way or the other.

So if you have any coincidences in your life, or rules of three for that matter, don’t be afraid to take a closer look, it might be more significant than you think.


  1. Jennozen says:

    You’re awesome. You had me at Mitch Hedberg, Bill Murray, George Carlin, and my man Homer. Have you ever read The Celestine Prophecy, if even ironically?


  1. […] hours of television viewing about the Underworld it starts to become a sign. See my blog about the Crisitunity and the rule of […]


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