Push and Glide

Summer 1978, my best friend and I are skateboarding to a hill we love to ride down luge style. The air is thick and you can smell the heat coming off the asphalt and see it radiating above the blacktop down the street, creating a miniature inner city mirage. Just moving through the air is cooler than standing still, our shorts and t-shirts are already dabbled with sweat. School has been out for a couple of weeks and we are just hitting our stride with summer vacation. As I put my foot down to push off I get annoyed because I want to just glide, just ride the skateboard. But we all need to push now and again, don’t we.

That is what my life feels like now, a series of pushes on a skateboard. These days though it feels like I’m pushing through mud, like I’m doing more pushing, than gliding. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all bad, I like my life right now, I’ve just been busy (hence the lack of posts). But I just want to glide, I would like to grab my daughter and my wife and plunk them down on the skateboard with me and just glide. Give one good push so we can feel the wind in our hair, check out the scenery and just stand still but moving at the same time. This I think is the charm behind skateboarding, and travelling, to be moving but standing still at the same time, relaxing but being somewhere new and exciting. You push off (save up money, book your flights, get your affairs in order) then you glide (drink margaritas, sit by the pool, eat like pigs) that is what it’s all about.

Maybe that is why back in ’78 my best friend Dave and I liked the hill, we didn’t have to push then glide. We just walked to the top, laid down on our skateboards and flew down the hill, balls first, without a care in the world, until we flew off the asphalt path and tumbled into the grass, laughing our asses off. This is what life should feel like all the time.

So I keep working and I keep writing, and eventually I will get to the top of that hill. And when I do, I will grab as many of my friends and family as I can put them on my skateboard and we’ll head down that hill of life together, without a care in the world, we’ll tilt our heads back, feel the warmth of the sun, laugh out loud and just glide.

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